A product designed to suit your lifestyle. Affordable and easy to use, justbreathe delivers personalised programmes to meet all your requirements.

justbreathe is a revolutionary new therapy that provides a wholly natural and drug free product to get the most out of your body. Using the process of intermittent hypoxic therapy, justbreathe trains your body to use "thin air" to provide a total mind and body workout from the comfort of an armchair.

Offering a range of tailored programmes, justbreathe's revolutionary Pod affers a modern approach to body maintenance and upkeep.

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Michelle, Salford

justbreathe Recommendation

Michelle, Salford

"Before using justbreathe I was in a mess. I was having problems sleeping, and was prescribed sleeping tablets by my GP. I was also taking pain killers for the chronic pain in my joints. I have now completed my programme and haven't felt so well in years - I don't take any medication at all!

Because of being well and full of energy I am able to exercise which increases my fitness and energy levels. My family is also grateful for my new lease of life as my mood swings are now non-existent.

What more can I say, justbreathe has been a life saver for me. I am having my top ups to maintain this feeling!"

justbreathe programmes:

Offering a range of programmes, we cater for elite athletes, busy mums, corporate executives and active grandparents, justbreathe offers tailored solutions for: